an unconventional guide to Amsterdam

Weather in Amsterdam now

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Amsterdam weather: what to expect

A view of an Amsterdam canal on a sunny day.

Amsterdam weather: what to expect Amsterdam has something exciting to offer travels all year round, but the weather in Amsterdam can make enjoying the sights challenge for those who aren’t prepared. This is generally what you can expect in the various seasons:  In spring, the gardens bloom with colorful tulips. In summer, the city buzzes […]

The History of the Amsterdam Red Light District

The History of the Amsterdam Red Light District From its meager beginnings, the Eight Years War, the Dutch Golden Age, and up until today, Amsterdam has always had working girls taking care of people’s most carnal needs. Amsterdam’s Red Light District, located in a neighborhood called De Wallen, is a famous and well-visited location today […]

The Amsterdam Red Light District Guide

Amsterdam Red Light District

Few things in Amsterdam are as so widely known as the famous Red Light District or as the Dutch call it… De Wallen Once a bustling harbor district filled with merchant homes and warehouses, it is now Amsterdam’s oldest and most visited neighborhood. The Red Light District is however not a major attraction due to […]

14 best sneaker stores in Amsterdam

Amsterdam skyline

With its beautiful canals, unique architecture, and over 100 museums (not to mention a shit ton of bars and coffeeshops) Amsterdam has a lot of sights to offer tourists and locals alike. Amidst the haze of marijuana smoke and obnoxious (mainly British) tourists, there are a few gems that will stand out to a particular […]

an unconventional guide to Amsterdam